• What we do

    While other pools in Tralee offer swimming lessons, Kingdom Swimming Club provides the focus for competitive swimming in Tralee. We are affiliated to Swim Ireland, which is the national governing body for swimming.

    The Club’s swimmers have competed with great success at local, regional, national and international level.

    The Club is run on a voluntary basis by the Club Committee which is elected at the AGM each year.

    Where matters which are not covered by this handbook or the Club Constitution arise, the rules of Swim Ireland shall apply.

    Pool Facilities

    Kingdom Swimming Club uses Tralee Sports Centre, Oakpark, Tralee, Co.Kerry. The pool has five lanes and is 25 metres in length. The Centre operates a modern shared style changing facility. Many training sessions are carried out while a portion of the pool is also available to public swimmers. It is quite common for Club swimmers and public swimmers to use the changing rooms simultaneously.


    Membership Categories

    The following constitute as Members of the club:
    Competitor – Members who train with Kingdom Swimming Club and compete at galas/events representing Kingdom Swimming Club . A minimum number of galas/events will be decided by each squad coach.

    Non-Competitor – This category includes but is not limited to: coaches, administrators, aquatics leaders, CLO’s, and committee members.

    The Club Management Committee reserves the right to accept or reject applications for membership of the club.

    In the case of members aged 16 and under, the right to attend the AGM, hold office and vote automatically passes to the swimmers’ parents/guardians. See Club Constitution for further clarification.

    Fee Structure

    The coaching fees are set annually by the Club Committee. The fees are invoiced to each family per term and are payable by the due date on the invoice. Any member whose squad fees fall into arrears by more than one month, unless with the prior approval of the Club Committee, will automatically lose membership privileges, including the right of entry into competitions and the right to train.


    The preferred method of communication between the Club and its members is email. All members are asked to furnish an email address for that purpose. The Club may also communicate with members via text message, Facebook and the Club website.

    Fund Raising

    The Club is funded by the coaching fees payable each term by the members. It is important to ensure that these fees are paid on time to ensure the orderly running of the Club. The Club holds a small number of fund raising events each year which target both the swimmers and their parents/guardians. This ensures that it is able to buy training equipment and club gear for the swimmers, organise away trips and Club events without increasing the fee structure. It is important that everyone participates in these fund raising events as it is all the swimmers who benefit. Supervision is also required from parent/guardians at these events. A lot of effort goes into the organisation of these events and the support of parents/guardians is appreciated.

    Away Trips

    In Kingdom Swimming Club, away trips are defined as those trips where the Club organises all aspects of the trip, including accommodation and travel arrangements, in particular, the warm weather training camp that we hope to make a regular occurrence. Any adults travelling on an away trip can be appointed by the Club to act as chaperones for the duration of the trip and to perform pool duty while away. Parents may also be asked to act as Team Manager on the trip. Swimmers and chaperones are expected to comply with Swim Ireland Code of Ethics for Officials and Swim Ireland’s Code of Conduct for Swimmers.

    Public Relations and Promotional Events:

    The Club PRO is responsible for media coverage of Club swimmers. The PRO ensures that gala results, etc., are submitted to local media the day after each gala. Whilst every effort is made to get results in on time the papers don’t always oblige. Any press release regarding Club swimmers and their achievements should only be communicated to the media via the Club PRO. Any mistakes in media coverage should be notified to the Club PRO who will liaise with the relevant media body. The Club endeavours to maintain a high profile within County Kerry.

    From time to time photographs of swimmers training or competing may be submitted to the papers. Parents/guardians have the right to exclude their children from such photographs if they wish. This decision should be notified to the Chairperson. It is implicit in applying for membership of the Club that swimmers and their parents/guardians consent to such photos being taken and used by the Club, unless a swimmer or parent/guardian indicates otherwise in writing in advance to the Club Committee.

    Amendments and Changes

    The Club Committee reserves the right to amend or update this handbook and the rules contained therein, from time to time or as the need arises, in such manner as the Committee sees fit.

  • Child Protection:

    Kingdom Swimming Club is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of its members. Every individual of the Club should, at all times, show respect. Understand the rights, safety and welfare of all members and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principals of the Club, Child Protection and Welfare guidelines of Swim Ireland and the Guidelines contained in the code of ethics and good practice for children’s' sport. To ensure that the best practice is followed by Kingdom Swimming Club we work closely with Swim Ireland to promote best practice in our Swimming Club and we comply with the Guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and Child Welfare Guidelines of Swim Ireland.

    Club Childrens' Officers and Designated Person:

    Under the “Child Protection Guidelines for Parents and Officials” every Club must appoint a minimum of two Club Childrens Officers with the principal role the welfare of the children. They are available to any swimmer or parent/guardian who may have concerns under the Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Children’s Sport or under the law of Swim Ireland. They operate independently of the Club Committee and coaches and in confidence. The role of the designated person (who is an Officer of the Club Committee) is to report all Child Protection concerns to the Statutory Authorities. None of these take away the right of a person to report any concerns directly to the HSE.


    From time to time some discipline issues will arise within the squads. Coaches have the authority to deal with this as it arises with verbal warnings to the swimmer/swimmers involved. If the matter is not resolved the coach will contact the parents/guardians and try and reach a resolution with them. In these cases the Club Children’s Officer will be involved. Repeated displays of insubordination or breaching of Codes of Conduct/Rules and Guidelines/Constitution could result in suspension/fines and possibly expulsion.

    Club Captains:

    Each year 2 swimmers are elected as Club Captain and vice-captain. The role of the Captains is to provide a role model for the younger swimmers and to offer support and advice. They also act as a liaison between the swimmers and the Committee. Any swimmer that is concerned about any issue can talk to their Club Captain about it. They can also ask the Captain to bring their concerns to the attention of the Club Committee.

    Amendments and Changes

    The Club Committee reserves the right to amend or update this handbook and the rules contained therein, from time to time or as the need arises, in such manner as the Committee sees fit.

  • Gala Entries:

    Attendance at galas at Club, Munster and National level is a requirement of the Club for all squad swimmers (Senior, Junior and Development Squads). The Club’s emphasis is on personal improvement, improving personal best times, rather than winning or medals etc. Competitive swimming is meant to be an enjoyable experience. Galas should be planned and carefully selected in conjunction with squad coaches. This allows coaches to plan their training programme towards specific galas. It also assists in developing the team spirit within the Club.

    Gala information is given out through the squad coach or via the noticeboard, the website or by email. The coach will discuss with each swimmer what galas they should attend and what events to enter. Swimmers can lose too much training time going to unnecessary galas. It is important that swimmers do not miss training sessions before and after galas as these sessions are crucial to the coaches’ programme. Swimmers should ensure that their completed Gala Entries, together with the correct fee, are all submitted on time. The Gala Secretary will not accept late entries or “phone entries” from parents under any circumstances and no gala entries will be processed without the correct fee. All gala entries to be done in conjunction with the squad coach. Only swimmers that meet the qualifying criteria for major galas will be allowed enter.

    At Galas:

    For every Gala, the Club appoints a Team Manager who is in charge on the day. The Club also endeavours to ensure that a coach is present for each gala, although this may not always be the case. Swimmers should report to the Team Manager and the coach (if present) when they arrive at the pool and before they leave. Swimmers should wear a Club hat for each race. They should also wear Club gear when poolside as much as possible. Swimmers are expected to remain with their team for the duration of the gala and support their team mates in each race. Any swimmer who, having entered a gala, decides not to swim at the gala must notify the coach/Team Manager prior to the commencement of the gala. Gala entry fees will still be due and the responsibility is on the swimmer/parent/guardian to ensure the club is not left covering the fee. If a swimmer fails to turn up for an event at a gala it may result in the Club being fined by the gala organisers, in which case the fine will be passed on by the Club to the relevant swimmer and will be payable by them or their parents/guardians. Any swimmers taking part in medal ceremonies are required to wear their Club gear.

    Club Gear and Logo

    To help promote team spirit amongst the swimmers, the Club provides the opportunity for swimmers to purchase club gear with our logo on it. This includes swimming hat, hoody, t-shirt, shorts and bag. An order is usually taken once a year at start of swim season. Purchase of club gear is not compulsory. The only exception to this is the swimming hat which MUST be worn by ALL swimmers at EVERY gala (available from all coaches). A Club banner should be displayed at galas where possible.

    Team Manager:

    The role and duties of the Team Manager are as follows:

    • Liaise between the Club and the gala officials.
    • Supervise the Club team members while poolside.
    • Submit scratch sheets to the gala organisers prior to the commencement of the gala.
    • Collect the heat sheets from the gala organisers and make sure each swimmer knows the event they will be competing in and the lanes in which they will be swimming.
    • Ensure each swimmer lines up for their event in a timely manner.
    • Only the Team Manager/coach will be permitted to make representation/complaints etc. to the gala organisers on behalf of the Kingdom Swim Team swimmer.
    • Submit a written report to the Club Committee after every gala, highlighting any incidents at the gala or overnight event which should be brought to the Committee’s attention.

    Gala Officials:

    Attendance at some galas is dependent upon the Club providing gala officials. All parents/guardians of swimmers attending a gala are required to make themselves available to act as gala officials for each gala which their children attend. Usually, the parents/guardians are asked to act as timekeepers for a session or part of a session. Timekeeping is usually carried out by two people in each lane. Due to electronic timekeeping at most galas, the duty is not very onerous. The Club can be fined for failure to provide gala officials, in which case the fine will be passed on to the parent/guardian who did not fulfil their gala rota duty.

    Attendance at Galas - Parents/Guardians:

    Parent/guardians are responsible for transporting their children to and from some of the galas, and looking after their children at galas. In some cases transport will be provide and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the swimmers are on time for the bus and are collected promptly on arrival back home. It is NOT the responsibility of Kingdom Swimming Club to have anyone remain in the car park if parents/guardians are late collecting their children. Parent/guardians should also ensure that children have adequate food and drinks at galas and should generally support their children at the gala. In the event that a parent/guardian cannot accompany their child to a gala, they must appoint a responsible adult to act as chaperone for their child for the duration of the gala. This applies to all swimmers, regardless of age. Any forms requiring signatures must be returned on time to gala coordinators with all details entered correctly. Failure to do so WILL result in your child not taking part in galas but you will still be responsible for fees incurred by the Club. Chaperones should ensure that they have the swimmer’s home telephone number and that they are aware of any specific medical ailment or medicine which the swimmer under their care is on. Chaperones should ensure they have adequate insurance cover when transporting other swimmers and should not carry more than the permitted number of passengers in their car. All swimmers should wear a seatbelt.

    Attendance at Galas - Swimmers

    Remember that you are representing your Club and that your behaviour should always reflect the Club’s good image and reputation. You should always follow the Coach and Team Manager’s instructions and let the Team Manager know when you are leaving the main group. You should try your best in all your events. Damage to property, unacceptable behaviour, refusal to do as instructed, unauthorised absences from the group or other forms of insubordination may result in suspension for the remainder of the gala and other possible sanctions set down by the committee.

    Some things you should bring with you to galas:

    • Water or sugar-free soft drinks
    • 2 x Kingdom swimming hat and goggles
    • 2 x Swimming togs
    • Flip flops or other poolside shoes
    • Club gear (if you have it)
    • Towels
    • Food

    As you are going to be competing for the full day it is very important that you stay hydrated (see separate sheet on liquid replacement) and replenish all used energy with regular eating. Small, regular amounts of healthy snacks throughout the day are usually more preferable to large heavy meals. You should eat something within 20 minutes of each race ending in order to replace all energy stores used during the event. Not doing this will result in a poorer effort in each subsequent event due to low energy levels. It would be a shame to see all the effort, time and hard work you put into every training session wasted for the sake of not eating well on the day of a gala.

    Hydration is equally as important. You MUST drink throughout the entire day. Small regular sips of water will help prevent dehydration. Isotonic drinks are ideal for replacing lost energy after races but good old water will suffice at all other times. (see sheet on hydration for exact amounts of liquid intake).

    Always bring 2 hats and 2 pairs of goggles to the starting block with you for every race. Be prepared, if your hat rips or goggles break you will have no worries because you are prepared. Be aware of your events and when they are taking place. Be on time for the line-up prior to every race. When you are at the blocks make sure you check in with the timekeepers to ensure that you are in the correct lane and heat. Check your time with the timekeepers at the end of the race but be aware that it may not be your official time. If 2 timekeepers are on each lane some clubs will take the slowest time while others take the average.

    If you are part of medal presentation you must wear a minimum of t-shirt and shorts (preferably club t-shirt). No Kingdom Swimming Club swimmer is to make themselves available for medal presentation unless appropriately dressed.
    Above all enjoy yourself; the whole point is that you progress while having fun.

    Please go to for recipes specially prepared for swimmers. These suggested recipes are properly balanced to provide all the energy, vitamin, mineral and nourishment needs of a swimmer when preparing for competitions and for recovery afterwards. If you don’t look after your body before and afterwards don’t expect it to perform to its optimum. Eating well one day before a gala is slightly better than not eating well at all but your body needs constant supplies to keep pace with your training needs. These recipes are intended to help you train at your optimum and also perform at your best on the day of competitions.

    Relay Team Selection Procedure:

    It is Club policy that the relay team selected will always be the strongest available. Where possible and, if available, swimmer numbers justify, more than one relay team will be entered. Relay teams are selected by the computer. In the absence of this, the team will be selected according to Club criteria by the coach. Swimmers who fail to make themselves available for an earlier team event may be disregarded. To facilitate selection, all swimmers must report to the Coach/Team Manager on arrival and notify them of departure.

    Individual Stroke Relays:

    The Team shall comprise the four fastest swimmers who otherwise comply with the requirements of the event. The following shall be the procedure for evaluating the above:

    • Performance at the same stroke and distance at the Gala
    • Performance at the same stroke at the next closest distance at the Gala.
    • Official personal best time according to the latest edition available prior to the Gala where a sufficient number of swimmers do not have times according to 1, 2 or 3 above, the team will be selected by the Coach or the Team Manager.

    Medley Team Relays:

    The team shall be selected based on the above criteria, but to give the lowest combined time.

    Swimming Terms:

    An Individual Medley, or IM, is an event in which the swimmer swims a set distance of each stroke in the following order:
    Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle.
    The distance of each stroke depends on the length of the event. For example in a 25m pool the 100IM would consist of 1 length of each stroke, a 200IM would consist of 2 lengths of each stroke and so on. When swimming in a 50m pool the 200IM is just 1 length of each stroke.

    A Medley Relay is a relay event made up of 4 swimmers each swimming a set distance of each stroke. The order for the Medley Relay is;
    Backstroke, breastroke, butterfly and freestyle.
    As above, the distance of each stroke depends on the length of the event.

    The following strokes are usually printed as;
    Frontcrawl fc
    Backcrawl bc
    Breastroke bs
    Butterfly bf
    Freestyle fs (in this event you can swim any stroke you like but will only get a freestyle time not a time for the stroke you swam. Eg..if you swim butterfly in a freestyle event your time will be recorded as freestyle and not butterfly.) In a medley relay freestyle may be any stroke other than back, breast or fly.

    Amendments and Changes

    The Club Committee reserves the right to amend or update this handbook and the rules contained therein, from time to time or as the need arises, in such manner as the Committee sees fit.

  • Training:

    It is important that swimmers attend all their sessions each week. Swimming is a sport that requires regular attendance to ensure that fitness is maintained and individual swimming standards are improved. Coaches keep a record of each swimmers attendance. If for any reason a swimmer cannot attend a session, parents/guardians should inform the Coach.

    All swimmers have the opportunity to train properly and in safety during all of each session. Swimmers will be divided into training lanes based on both speed and stamina and depend on each other to ensure that the various sets are properly executed. Swimmers who do not put in their best effort throughout the sessions prevent others from doing so and of course this practice is unacceptable. All swimmers are therefore expected to train at all times to their full potential. If a swimmer is unwell or excessively tired during a session this should be communicated to the coach who will make the appropriate arrangements.

    Swimmers are expected to carry out the instructions of the coach at all times. Rest periods, intake of liquids, achieving target times etc., are all important elements of the training programmes. Punctuality, being adequately prepared for each session and having the required equipment are all essential if swimmers are to derive the full benefit from the session.

    The safety of our swimmers is paramount. The Club cannot tolerate any form of horseplay either in the pool area, in the showers or dressing rooms. Proper respect must be shown for all equipment and fixtures – sitting or standing on lane ropes can result in damage to the ropes but also can result in serious injury. Water bottles, floats or pull buoys should not be kicked or thrown.

    It is the policy of the Club to keep rules and regulations to a minimum but the Club is obliged to provide an environment in which committed, conscientious swimmers have an opportunity to realise their full potential safely. Coaches have been instructed to report any or all breaches of discipline without delay. In addition, coaches may at their own discretion request any swimmer who fails to comply with their instructions to leave the water and may request the Club to suspend or expel any swimmer who, in their opinion, is interfering with the proper execution of the training programme.

    The following equipment will be required for training:

    • Suitable swimming togs
    • Goggles
    • Swimming hat
    • Swim fins
    • Pull buoy
    • Hand paddles
    • Kick board
    • Water bottle

    Although a limited amount of pull buoys and kick boards are available in the complex, many swimmers prefer to provide their own. It is also a good idea for swimmers to carry spares as accidents with goggles and ripped hats do often occur.

    Training Sessions

    Training timetable for each squad can be viewed here.

    Parents/Guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children. The Club is responsible for swimmers on the pool deck only. Once the swimmers leave the pool deck and enter the changing facilities, they become the responsibility of their parents. Please note that supervision of the changing facilities is the responsibility of the complex and not the Swimming Club.

    It is important that parents/guardians drop and collect children at the appropriate times for their swim sessions. Parents are advised to ensure that young swimmers wait to be collected in the pool lobby (which is supervised by the staff of the complex) rather than in the car park (which is not supervised).

    Pool Duty:

    It is a requirement of both Swim Ireland and Kingdom Swimming Club that an adult be present (in addition to the Coach) during all of every coaching session. A supervision rota is drawn up each term by the squad co-ordinators with regard to the Development, Junior B, Junior A and Senior Squads. Parents/guardians must ensure that they attend for pool duty on time or make alternative arrangements with another parent/guardian on the list. For child protection and safety reasons, training sessions cannot take place without an adult on duty as well as the coach. Parent/guardians may remain in the viewing area when on pool duty and should attend a few minutes before the scheduled start time of the session and should remain until the end of the coaching session. Where the adult supervisor fails to turn up, the coach may seek an alternative adult or cancel the session. Pool duty is obligatory for all parents/guardians. Sanctions may be imposed where there is a failure by parents/guardians to turn up for pool duty.

    The pool duty rota is circulated to swimmers in each squad but is also posted on the Club notice board and on the Club web site

    Duties include the following:
    Turn up a few minutes prior to start of session for all squads.
    Announce yourself to the coach and sit in a position with a clear view of the pool you are supervising.  Do not interfere with coaching of session.
    If you have concerns relating to swimmers take them to the Child Liaison Officer for that squad or deal with immediately if the child is in danger.  All other concerns should go to a committee member (see notice board for list).
    Observe swimmers at all times. Reading etc. while on duty will distract you from your responsibilities.
    Take note of children leaving and returning to pool, e.g. toilet breaks. If a child is gone longer than you assume is normal bring this to the attention of the coach. Do not enter changing room unless child is in trouble.
    In case of emergency, help the coach by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency.   Access to pool deck permitted down back stairs in case of emergency only.   Use gate labelled “STAFF ONLY”.
    Sign accident/incident report book if necessary.
    Sign off with coach at end of session.
    If you cannot make your allotted session it is your responsibility to find a replacement from the list of parents/guardians.
    Two parents must be on deck duty at all time for Development and Junior squads and 1 for Senior squad. Sessions may be cancelled if there is not proper supervision.

    Amendments and Changes

    The Club Committee reserves the right to amend or update this handbook and the rules contained therein, from time to time or as the need arises, in such manner as the Committee sees fit.

  • Kingdom swimming Club - Development Squad:

    The Development Squad caters for newcomers to our Club. These swimmers have some experience swimming with fins, turns, dives, and a basic understanding of all the strokes. All these skills are progressed to the next level and swimmers are prepared for their first time competing in swimming galas. Their endurance levels are increased and stroke technique is improved on. They are introduced to basic stretching and warm up methods to prepare themselves for training and competing. This squad trains twice a week. High levels of attendance at training and galas is compulsory for all members.

    Kingdom swimming Club - Junior B Squad

    Junior B swimmers will in general have all their “B”qualifying times, they will have met the above criteria for progression from the Development squad. These swimmers are chosen by the squad coaches and remain members of Junior B only by commitment and punctuality at training and galas. If attendance is not constant at these sessions and galas the swimmer will lose his/her place to another swimmer who is keen to progress. This squad trains twice each week.

    Kingdom swimming Club - Junior A Squad

    Junior A swimmers are swimmers that have progressed through the Junior “B” Squad and more than likely have most of their “A” qualifying times. In some cases these swimmers may also have Munster Qualifying times and or Division qualifying times. These swimmers show a huge dedication to swimming and have the drive it takes to become one of our Senior Squad members. This Squad trains 3 times each week. As with all other squads members retain their places in this squad by commitment and punctuality at training and galas. If attendance is not constant at these sessions and galas the swimmer will lose his/her place to another swimmer who is keen to progress.

    Kingdom swimming Club - Senior Squad:

    Senior squad aims to further develop swimmers who have been nurtured through the clubs Development and Junior squads.
    Senior Squad caters for the top tier swimmers in the club. The main objective is to provide each of its swimmers with a pathway for them to achieve their full potential as swimmers. The programs are designed to enable Kingdom swimmers to COMPETE at the top level of swimming whether that be Munster, National or International level. As well as providing pool time, gym sessions are undertaken to improve flexibility/strength / stamina aspects for the athletes.
    The coaches shall endeavour to educate the swimmers to the importance of applying themselves properly to achieve the goals that have been laid out for them. These will include the importance of attendance, attitude and application to training. A minimum attendance at galas and training will be set out by the coach of the Senior Squad once swimmers have been promoted.

    Movement between Squads:

    Following achievement of the relevant times the Coach will look at all the other various factors which are; standard of strokes, attendance record, Gala participation, behaviour, maturity, ability to keep up with the demands of the intended squad, etc. At all times movement into a new squad will be subject to space being available in that squad and the swimmers meeting the above criteria to the satisfaction of their coach. These decisions are made by club coaches only.

    Amendments and Changes

    The Club Committee reserves the right to amend or update this handbook and the rules contained therein, from time to time or as the need arises, in such manner as the Committee sees fit.